HWS 2016

Welcome – Christian Fellowship at the University of Mannheim

Christian Fellowship at the University and Colleges of Mannheim

We are students from various disciplines and denominations. Our goal is to live Christian fellowship at the university. To accomplish this, we have several small groups that meet every week. Some of them are bilingual. We come together to share and discuss our faith and life and make new friends.


We also share our faith and love with those who were not able to get to know Jesus.  And that also expresses our name: Student Mission Germany.  SMD groups exist on about 80 universities in Germany.

To put it plainly: We are not a church and want to be no church, because we are a Christian student group. Our participants go to various churches and Christian communities in Mannheim.

Non-speaking Churches or Churches with English-Translation

Mannheim is a multi-cultural city with several churches for non-german speakers. Further we have some german speaking churches with a Translation from German into English.

INSIGHT Mannheim – group for international students

Inside the SMD Mannheim, there is also a project for international students:  We organize INSIGHT Mannheim (bilingual: activity & small group discussion) and a Hospitality program. These intercultural interactions are great fun and joy.

Come and visit us! If you have questions, please let us know. We can help you also if you are looking for a church in Mannheim or Ludwigshafen.

Whether you want more information or would like to visit a church service – feel free to contact us!