Welcome to all international students

We want to give you a little home in German and would like to build bridges between the cultures and nations. It is also a pleasure for us to invite you, share with you some thoughts and time. We have two offers for you - INSIGHT and the WELCOME Program. All programs are open for people from every country, culture or religion. It is organised from the Christian student association SMD Mannheim. Hence everything we offer is free of charge.

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The organiser - Christian student association SMD Mannheim

People from all countries, cultures and religions are welcome! Both programs are offered by the Christian student association SMD Mannheim, which also provides a Christian program (bilingual and German speaking Bible Study Groups [small groups], Fellowship Evenings, called Themenabend). Also this Christian offer is open to everyone: Welcome!International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

Our local group in Mannheim belongs to SMD (“Studentenmission Deutschland e.V.”), a German-wide network of Christians at schools, universities and in the workplace. If you are looking for an international church in Mannheim or an international holiday have a look at our "Links for Internationals".

if you have questions don't hesitate to ask - Contact:
Mobil phone & WhatsApp: 01575 32 88 173 (Stefan Schnabel)