Trip with Barbecue and Draisine

Tagesausflug der Hochschul-SMD Mannheim mit internationalen Studenten.
Oktober 22, 2016 um 07:00 – 19:30
Hauptbahnhof Mannheim (MeetingPoint)
Willy-Brandt-Platz 17
68161 Mannheim
Hochschul-SMD Mannheim & INSIGHT
01575 32 88 173
Trip with Barbecue and Draisine @ Hauptbahnhof Mannheim (MeetingPoint) | Mannheim | Baden-Württemberg | Germany
Sorry guys, we cancel this event because the weather will be bad.
We organise a day-trip for you! We will have also a Barbecue and we will ride a Draisine. We will have a great time together.
A “Draisine” is like a bike on rails (see the movie below).
The inventor (Karl Drais) was born in Mannheim!!
We escape the city and do some sport in the countryside/nature.
There are vehicles for 4, 5 and 7 people, so you don’t have to ride the whole time and you can change the vehicle to meet many different people.
On midday, we like to have a barbecue, so bring your stuff (meat, cheese, vegetables). We bring bread and drinks for you – and everything else.
Be ready at 7am at the main station Mannheim. If you have a semesterticket, the way to Bornheim (starting point for the draisine-ride) will be free.
Costs for the whole day (draisine and drinks included): 15€.
Please register here:
We’re looking forward to see you!


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